Viaplay’s next Danish drama series is ‘Bullshit’

Viaplay’s next Danish drama series is ‘Bullshit’

A notorious biker-gang war in 1980s Copenhagen forms the backdrop for Viaplay’s ‘Bullshit’, an unconventional coming-of-age drama headlined by some of Denmark’s biggest screen talents. Created and written by Milad Alami (‘Follow the Money’; ‘The Charmer’), Bo Hr. Hansen (‘Bamse’; ‘The Purity of Vengeance’) and Molly Malene Stensgaard (‘Aquarela’), the six-part series is based on a bestselling book by Camilla Stockmann and Janus Køster-Rasmussen. ‘Bullshit’ is produced by Nordisk Film Creative Alliance and is set to premiere exclusively on Viaplay in 2023.

The series centres on a rootless young couple, Pia (Alba August: ‘Becoming Astrid’; ‘The Rain’) and Henning (Marco Ilsø: ‘Sunday’; ‘Vikings’), who long for rebellion and belonging. Drawn into Copenhagen’s biker subculture, their dream rapidly turns into a nightmare.

Milad Alami, director: “I’ve approached this series as an extended feature film revolving around themes of family and violence. ‘Bullshit’ is a four-and-a-half-hour thrill ride into the wildness of youth that starts as fun and innocent, but becomes increasingly serious and dangerous.”

The series co-stars Clint Ruben (‘Unruly’), Victoria Carmen Sonne (‘Winter Brothers’), Magnus Juhl Andersen (‘Limboland’), Peter Christoffersen (‘Raised by Wolves’), Jacob Cedergren (‘Made in Oslo’), Niklas Herskind (‘Borgen’) and Nicolaj Kopernikus (‘The Killing’). Filming has recently completed in Copenhagen.

Filippa Wallestam, Viaplay Group Chief Content Officer: “The setting of this top-quality series may be unfamiliar to many viewers, but its themes are universal. This is a story about the desire for community, and how it can paradoxically push us over social boundaries. ‘Bullshit’ is an example of how Viaplay brings together top Danish talents to create shows with international potential. However, to carry on green-lighting compelling productions like this, we need regulatory certainty and a fair and balanced playing field in Denmark.”

‘Bullshit’ is produced by Malene Blenkov at Nordisk Film Creative Alliance, with Marlene Billie Andreasen as executive producer for Viaplay Group. The series is produced in partnership with Nafta Films and with support from Public Service Puljen, Nordisk Film og TV Fond, Film Estonia Cash Rebate Incentive and Creative Europe Media Programme of the European Union. International sales are handled by Viaplay Content Distribution.

About Viaplay’s own content

At least 70 Viaplay-produced series and films are set to premiere in 2022. Upcoming titles include ‘Jana – Marked for Life’; ‘The Åre Murders’; ‘Furia’ season two; ‘Rebus’; ‘Sex Dreams Love’; ‘Veronika’; ‘In the Name of Love’; ‘The Street Where I Live’; ‘My Fault’; ‘Call Me Dad’; ‘The Beach Hotel’; ‘Roombeek’; ‘Listen Up!’; ‘End of Summer’; ‘R.I.P. Henry’; ‘Thunder in My Heart’ season two; ‘Live Life’; ‘Little Did I Know’; ‘It Could Have Been Us’; ‘Threesome’ season two; ‘R.S.V.P.’; ‘The Fortress’; ‘The Hunt for Jasper S.’; ‘Liv Ullmann: The Road Less Travelled’; ‘Those Who Kill’ season three; ‘Face to Face’ season three; ‘The Meaning of Life’; ‘Something Stupid’; ‘The Guilty’; ‘Stockholm Bloodbath’; ‘Delete Me’ season two; ‘Gold Run’; ‘Limbo’; ‘Litvinenko’; ‘Karma and Jonar’; ‘Ronja’; ‘The Uninhabitable Earth’; ‘Murderesses’; a biopic of Börje Salming; and ‘The Swarm’.

Two major English-language films will be produced by Viaplay every year. The company has also established a UK-based joint venture with FilmNation Entertainment and invested in US studio Picturestart.

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