Strangvac sales to start in Ireland

Strangvac sales to start in Ireland

Strangvac is being shipped to wholesalers in Ireland this week and veterinarians will soon begin to vaccinate horses in Ireland against Strangles.

Ireland, often referred to as the ‘Land of the Horse’, is one of the world’s leading equine breeding and exporting nations. The country is perhaps best known for its Thoroughbred horses and Ireland is believed to be the third-largest producer of Thoroughbred horses in the world.

“I recently spoke about the prevention of strangles at the Irish Equine Veterinary Association (IEVA) Conference in Ireland where there was huge interest in Strangvac”, says Intervacc’ s Chief Scientific officer Dr Andrew Waller and continues; “The IEVA hailed Strangvac as an “Incredibly promising adjunct in the battle against this endemic disease.” It was brilliant to speak with veterinarians who are currently working to prevent and resolve outbreaks, and to maintain the health of Irish horses and foals as they come into contact with S. equi on their journey to their new homes and throughout the rest of their lives.”

“Strangvac is approved for sale and marketing in the EU as well as the UK, Norway, and Iceland. Strangvac has been launched in Sweden, Denmark, the UK, France, Germany, the Benelux region and now also in Ireland. Outbreaks of equine strangles occur regularly and the disease cause great suffering and economic cost in these regions and across Europe. Ireland is a very important equine market, and this is significant milestone for our continued launch around Europe.” comments Andreas Andersson, CEO of Intervacc.

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