How is the experience of working on the Apollo 13 mission to the moon? The engineers for the mission will recall the mission today on the webcast

splashdown, live broadcast, which is a discussion with some of the engineers who participated in bringing home the Apollo 13. The interview will start at 2.00 p.m. on 17th April 1800 GMT, which is precisely 50th anniversary after the return to the earth of the Apollo 13 mission. The three crew members of the Apollo 13 splashed safely in the Pacific Ocean at 2.07 p.m. EDT on 17th April 1970. 

John Rocco, the author, will host the webcast who illustrated and wrote the book with the title “How We got to the Moon,” which is a general house book for children in the tear 2020. The people who will join Rocco in the discussion are Ed Smith. He is the current Chief engineer for the service module and Apollo command and the Apollo lunar module in charge of life-supporting system engineer Don Renthke.  The other person in the panel is Chuck Lowry, who is the parachute system designer for Apollo. The discussion will be live on YouTube, or one can register on zoom to be part of the live discussion

The above are retired engineers who will discuss the experience they have after working behind the scenes at NASA during the failed Apollo 13 mission, where the3 three astronauts did not make it alive back on the earth.

The Apollo 13 mission had obstacles and difficulties throughout its planning. The explosion of the oxygen tank 56 hours is what people expected to be the landing mission for lunar. The mission has Jim Lovell, who was the mission commander jack Swigert, who was flying the astronauts and Fred Haise, who was the engineer in charge of the mission. Jack was entitled to take then to the moon and return the safe back to the earth. 

For some weeks, people worldwide have been celebrating the 50th anniversary for the mission, which most people call it a successful failure. Despite the failure of the astronauts to land on the moon, the ingenuity to each person who gave support of mission at NASA for their effort to return crews to earth safe and alive, remain celebrated.   Rocco’s book on how to get to the moon launching might be on 6th October if the current coronavirus pandemic will be in control. The efforts for NASA for space discoveries are an example to the whole world on the devotion to exploration.