An official of the White House is proposing a stepwise approach to the fastest suborbital navigation

An official of the White House reprimands space companies to focus on short-term goals instead of their ambitious high-speed spaceflights that could take longer than expected. The executive secretary of the National Space Council Scott Pace in an online meeting reassures that the White House will support the space industry in its navigation missions. 

Scott Pace says that the development of the entrepreneurial space industry is a thing that the rest of the world is eager to see so that they can advance into space fully. He further explains the space policy directives by Trump administration and how they favour every firm as long as they remain true to their mission.

Pace reveals that there is an unlikelihood of the future policy directives to outline potential commercial space markets or highlight the spaceflight for launching cargo or people. He confirms that the state is supportive of escalating the suborbital market so that it can run on its own in a stable environment. 

Pace states that the federal government and the space council fear that point-to-point suborbital transportation of cargo and people can trigger a military reaction since most of the equipment is military-controlled. He says that until the market settles is when they can openly support space exploration by citizens.

This statement by Pace comes after Virgin Galactic declaring its desire for high-speed passenger spaceflights in its amalgamation with Social Capital Hedosophia, a holding company. Virgin Galactic reveals its paperwork detailing point-to-point navigations via its SpaceShipTwo vehicle defending this move as its plan for testing the firm’s technology. However, Virgin Galactic says that its mission is long-term after trying out a test with the SpaceShipTwo vehicle on the 1st of May. 

The CEO of Virgin Galactic, George Whitesides, says that the contract will facilitate the company’s operations with NASA experts to accelerate the development of a high technology vehicle. However, the other company with similar aspirations is SpaceX who intends to use a high-tech launch system known as Starship to launch people across the planet. 

Elon Musk stipulates that SpaceX is offering job opportunities for people to design and create operational offshore rocket deployment infrastructure. He says that this is for the firm to develop spaceports for Mars, lunar and cataclysmic travels across Earth. 

In conclusion, FAA officials in a meeting by COMSTAC outline the regulatory activities which are facing criticism from numerous space firms that view the regulations as setbacks. One of the rules is that the space companies must broadcast the launch and reentry of the spacecraft in their voyages.