Spacemen caution against impacts of other satellites mega-constellations

The spacemen are apprehensive about the implications of SpaceX Starlink satellites will have on their observations, they are worried about the effect from the suggested mega-constellations.

After the launch of 60 satellites in May, the spacemen become worried about the impact it would impose. From that event, the American Astronomical Society committee has been functioning with the company to talk on techniques to lessen the impact the satellites would create on space science.

SpaceX reacted to those worries with an experiment called the Darksat, which was launched in January, their surfaces were coated with visors to decrease the intensity of light from the sun. SpaceX trailed that up with Visorsat, which was the latest launch of Starlink. This was a satellite that contains sunshades meant to block light from the sun from reaching the shinning surfaces on the satellite.

The efficacy of VisorSat will be measured in the weeks to come after the space ship touches its final orbit, the spacemen claimed that they are contented that SpaceX will be agreeable to work with them on the matter. The important thing is that useful assets at SpaceX are being dedicated to these technical solutions

James Lowenthal quoted that they had talks with other satellite operators who would aid since SpaceX is not the only one with mega constellations satellites. They reached out to companies like OneWeb, which acknowledged bankruptcy on their side.

Even if OneWeb filed for bankruptcy it submitted its plans with the Federal Communication Commission to raise the number of its constellation to boost its efficacy, this, in turn, will make it meet its demands

Pat Seitzer highlighted that the situation would get worse if the constellations were to be increased because the filings made by OneWeb would add numerous satellites on top of strategies for systems.

The request made by OneWeb would place its satellites into orbits far higher compared to the StarLinks. The satellites are visible at a higher altitude, and the visibility would be long after the sun sets and rises, respectively.  

The spacemen are not the only ones concerned about the latest constellations, over ten observatories were surveyed globally about the effect of satellite mega-constellations

The famous observatory reacted by articulating important worries, grave difficulties to science, and projected crucial loss in finances. There is an extensive survey, and it is close to impossible to evade satellites from passing through it

The proposition of mega-constellations would endanger the systems, and the spacemen are tasking hard with Space. They are quite optimistic that other satellite operators would comprehend and decrease the effect of space science.

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