Stakes High for SpaceX Launch

There is a vouching for SpaceX to send its first spacecraft to space with NASA astronauts. This launch is the first test flight for the US since the first shuttle program in 2011. Therefore, this marks the breaking of the fallow ground for the US to restart human spaceflight programs. 

This launch marks an exuberant moment for Americans. It is their first trial to send astronauts to International Space Station in their spacecraft. Jim Bridenstine, a NASA administrator, says the space flights aim to reinstate the US as a leader in space research. 

Bridenstine declares that the Crew program aims for the commercialization of the US space stations. He says that the firm hopes that this launch brings together the elite of the nation for space exploration. 

Elon Musk says that the launch is part of the mega plans of SpaceX. Musk reiterates that the budget allocation enhances the inauguration of six Crew Dragon spaceships to space. SpaceX is also the first company to launch a cargo ship to the space station. SpaceX also has its orbit lab in the outer expanse. The lab is for the Dragon to rest before taking off on a long voyage. 

SpaceX is one of the companies that NASA hopes can launch astronauts to the International Space Station. The station is so far developing the launch of cargo ships as well as crew ships. For instance, the Crew Dragon is an advancement to the previous manual control spaceship. The vessel can host seven astronauts and a payload cargo ship. The ship is reusable and, therefore, economical for research. 

SpaceX is the first firm to reenter earth with its Falcon 9 booster. The firm can be able to send a spaceflight with people to space. The Vice President at SpaceX, Hans Koenigsmann, reports that if they can send out this spacecraft, they will be heading for a bright future. 

Jim Bridenstine speculates that the Crew Dragon will be able to send its astronauts to space at the end of August this year. The success of this idea is if the craft is operational at that time. Therefore, all engineers are working to ensure they meet this target. 

Since Demo-1’s success in landing the Crew Dragon without astronauts in space, SpaceX is hoping Demo-2 will be a success. The only problem with Demo-1 is its explosion on a testing ground after the return trip. The firm hopes they can remedy the anomaly before the second test flight. This move is to ensure the craft and safety are reliable for the astronauts. 

Additionally, the space taxi CST-100 Starliner is another flight to complete its voyage to space. This ship is under modification after its failure. The firm hopes they can remake the vehicle and send it to the outer expanse to test its feasibility. The formulation of a review panel for this project is to ensure the engineers’ accountability before another risky trial. 

NASA is banking the lives of its expert astronauts on SpaceX. They hope that the Crew Dragon meets the mission goal. The firm is an agreement to be responsible for the safety of the crew. This mission tests the technical adjustments on the ship. The firm wants a report from the astronauts about their voyage. 

Jim Morhard, the deputy administrator of NASA, retorts that the Crew Dragon is the first technically advanced machine they are sending to space. He says the investment from the government and other stakeholders on this project implies they deliver top-notch services. 

Finally, Morhard says that they hope for more contractual opportunities as a firm, so they deliver their high tech and test it out.