Space Convention to Elevate Industrial Base

After a virtual meeting by the US officials, a report is underway concerning the US space industry. The report is going to detail the best action plan to elevate the country’s space industry. Some of the details in the report concern their space technology as well as the training of the engineers.

The US military unit and Space Force are part of the officials concerning this plan. Other members and organizers of the meeting include the Space Research unit and NewSpace New Mexico. The Four-day virtual meeting is a test in case some operations and decisions are going to be virtual.

The details of the meeting include the challenges of the coronavirus outbreak and the necessary actions to minimize the challenges. The report must demonstrate the regulations to ensure the country supersedes other countries in its military space prowess. It must explain a long term plan to ensure the country dominates its leadership in space.

The meeting comes after the US government complains about the inaccessibility of the private sector technology. This move is to address some of the challenges facing such industries like DIU and AFRL. The officials retort that the economic challenges resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic are likely to phase out some of the space firms. These firms also face the risk of bankruptcy, leading to insolvency or buyout by foreign investors.

The participants of the meeting include members from the private sector space technology, space researchers, the US Space Force, and other US space industry stakeholders. The government has high expectations for the report from the meeting. The reason is that the report is going to motivate and attract investors from the public and private sectors of the space industry. Also, the report covers a plan by the government to train future engineers and space explorers. The officials hope for the government’s consideration of the report in its budget for next year.

The government speculates that few of the space operations are facing the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic. They are hopeful that most of the NASA and DoD operations will continue regardless of the pandemic. The government is positive that underway program to launch and test its spaceships will go on according to plans.

Scott Pace, an executive of the National Space Council, reiterates that the primary concern of the government is getting people to go back to work. He further assures that the president is working out how the economy is to reopen. This move is to ensure that most of the space programs proceed according to the schedule.

In conclusion, Pace commends the space industry, which, despite the pandemic, is still operational. He further retorts the concern that the government budget is going to ensure the survival of small scale startup space industries.