Quickbit Announces New Acting CEO: Daniel Sonesson Takes the Helm


Quickbit, a leading tech company, has announced a change in its acting CEO. The Board of Directors and former CEO, Anders Jonson, have agreed to appoint Daniel Sonesson as the new acting CEO.

Smooth Transition:

Jonson, who served as acting CEO and Chief Operating Officer, will remain available during the notice period to ensure a smooth transition for Sonesson. The board expresses its gratitude to Jonson for managing the business during a busy time and securing important components for the company.

New CEO: A Strong Choice

However, the board believes that Quickbit’s continued journey of change requires an experienced tech CEO. Sonesson, with his strong background in the tech industry, was deemed the best fit for the job.

Continued Search for Permanent CEO

The search for a permanent CEO and President of the Quickbit Group will continue. The board is confident that with Sonesson at the helm, the company will continue to thrive and achieve its goals.

In conclusion, Quickbit’s announcement of a new acting CEO signals a new chapter for the company. With Daniel Sonesson at the helm, the company is poised for continued growth and success.

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