Prime Minister Kishida announces relaxation of corona border measures, immigration limit to be announced promptly

My Kids Health News Update (25)

Prime Minister Fumio Kishida responded to an online interview with reporters on the 24th, saying that he will relax the requirements for submitting a negative certificate required of immigrants to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus. showed that. Regarding the limit on the number of people entering the country, he said, “I would like to proceed with the development of the quarantine system and promptly announce it based on the infection situation.”

Regarding border measures, Prime Minister Kishida said, “From now on, we will further relax various measures such as the total number of people entering the country, pre-departure inspections, and quarantine measures at the time of entry.” It has revealed its policy to waive the submission of negative proof within 72 hours before departure.

Regarding measures against the coronavirus in Japan, it will be possible for local governments to limit the scope of patient notification to the elderly, those who need hospitalization, and those who are at risk of becoming seriously ill, at the discretion of local governments, in order to alleviate the tightness of public health centers and fever outpatient clinics. .

Regarding the shortening of the quarantine period for those who tested positive, the government said it would announce a policy as soon as possible after assessing the progress of the infection situation.

Doctors who have diagnosed COVID-19 are currently required to report all patient information to prefectural governments through public health centers. Reports are mainly made using the government-developed management system HER-SYS, but there are many items to be typed in, and the input work has become a burden for medical personnel.

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