NASA and Boeing Starliner Crash Still Under Investigation

NASA and Boeing recently decided to have their giant Starliner aircraft grounded. This decision to ground the plane is a joint effort made by both parties involved in the star liners launch 

The Starliner is under investigation following a failed attempt to rendezvous at the ISS. Then mission is a serious endeavor as it is the first among many of the star liners space rendezvous to the ISS. 

Should the mission have gone according to plan, NASA and Boeing would receive a green light to head into the full direction of the next phase of their space exploration operation. The last star liners last launch got interrupted by a minor software glitch. The glitch happened argh what was one of the missions’ first orbital flight tests that occurred last year. However, this year has seen a keen interest in the case after experts speculate a fault in the proceeding launches would be fatal 

The starliner’s flight control team is credited to have pulled the giant star cruiser back from being lost. Despite being a failed launch, the debris from the Starliner is essential both in value and as a record for faults 

Chief NASA  administrator Jim Bridenstine gave his assurance to media personalities that the investigation is soon to come to its conclusion. Given the high stakes on this venture, NASA  officials decided to award the inquiry to a joint investigations team from Boeing and NASA  

The space agency in a bid to increase security plans to have separate safety rebirth unit tasked with conducting interviews with officials at the launching sites. According to NASA  associate administrator Douglas Loverro, it’s most notable for having the investigation tasked to find out the cause of the failure from the minds the of experts involved in the launch 

The investigating team finds out several reasons leading to the crash with the star liners launching system, including faulty software that unscrewed the capsule’s thrusters at the wrong time, communication failure with the capsule at the time the accident occurred and a considerable number of massive fuel thrusts at the wrong time. This event caused the capsule to reach the orbit with less fuel than planned, limiting its flight range. 

Reports from both Boeing and NASA  indicate measures to have the causes rectified in future missions. However, in the previous months, SpaceX had its very first in-flight abort mission that went through and successfully linked with the ISS. Things seem to be looking up for SpaceX as the launch was the last milestone before they conduct their first crewed mission to the ISS. 

The fate of the Starliner now rests in both space agencies ‘ hands as they are yet to decide whether or not the capsule will be scheduled for a relaunch soon. Following the decision to be made, NASA  has relayed its plans to have their future space launches independent and is seeking to remove dependence on commercial space transportation providers. Should this plan go through, NASA  will be at the forefront leading in space transportation

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