Wind power increases by 12% in both Americas

Over 13 GW of new wind, power was set in America’s area last year, demonstrating an augment of 12 percent during the preceding year. This is a description as per the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC). 

Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) said that 13,427 were installed last in North Central and South Americas and the Caribbean, bringing the total to over 148 GW. In 2018, 11, 892 was fit across the area. 

The United States headed the way having 942 MW provided by the new Wind power in the preceding year (2019), followed by Mexico having 1284 MW, Argentina with 931 MW and lastly Brazil with 745 MW. 

The United States boosted the development by a fixation dash directed by the point out of the manufacturing levy acclaim.

 Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) stated that the upsurge in new wind power in the region is fixed to go on with 220 GW estimate from now up to 2024.

Offshore wind in the United Stated anticipates growing to almost 10 GW in the next six years together with other states like Brazil as a way of looking tapings in the market. 

The main thing to development in Latin America is to conquer a set of laws and political flux. On the other hand, a US-China trade war is also a problem with expansion in their growth. 

Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) chief manager Ben Backwell said that it is hopeful to see that appropriate levels for wind power in the Americas is on the upsurge track. Although, lawmakers require to work an extra mile to increase the speed of wind powers and take advantage of the full potential wind power has to provide. 

For the meantime, the constant trade war occurring between the United States and China continues to pose a danger for the firm as tariffs on steel and Aluminium that make up approximately 90 percent of wind turbines place cost pressures on the delivery chain of United States and menace surging wind power schemes by 10 percent.

Ramon Fiestas, who is the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) board chair said that Latin America has an immense probability for wind energy and they have seen majority of states in the region come up in the preceding years as reusable energy heads through auctions that have provided wind energy at some of the most aggressive costs in the whole world.

Newbies in the market like Colombia that fruitfully launched its first reusable energy auction in 2019 and existing ones such as Chile which installed a 526 MW project indicate that there is still a grand available chance in that area.