LG to Introduce New Playmobil Collection of LG-Themed Toys in IFA 2022


Playmobil and LG created collectibles that include three characters; The first one safety-conscious and always ready-to-help Henry ‘LG Man’, second one is the popular kitchen and lifestyle influencer Nora, and the third one is fashion-forward J.J. are going to be unveiled by LG at IFA 2022 in Berlin.

LG Electronics (LG) and Germany’s renowned toys manufacturer PLAYMOBIL will introduce new figures mainly collection of LG-themed toys in IFA. The company launch these figures and toys appliances from next year events. The move of introducing all these LG-themed toys is in line with company’s commitment to create F.U.N (First, Unique and New) customer experience.

IFA 2022 is being held from 2nd to 6th September in Berlin Germany. The visitors will be able to have a hand on experience of new toy collection at LG’s exhibition booth which will be set at Hall 18 of Messe.

These attracting characters and pint-sized appliances will also be watched on social media in the entertaining content posted on LG’s online channel and official Instagram account named Life’s Good Kitchen(@lifesgoodkitchen).

Helping the trio of LG-PLAYMOBIL personalities to live a comfortable, miniature-scale lifestyle at home are toy versions of LG’s innovative appliances, including washing machines, InstaView™ ovens and InstaView refrigerators, and the all-in-one WashTower™.

Roh Soo-kie, head of brand communications at LG Electronics Home Appliance & Air Solution Company said, “We’re delighted to give IFA visitors a sneak preview of our fantastic new toy collection, created in collaboration with Germany’s own PLAYMOBIL.” He further added, “Consumers will be able to get their hands on these very collectible, little toys at exclusive events and promotions starting in early 2023. We will continue to offer interactive activities that deliver unique customer experiences and highlight LG’s ongoing commitment to innovation for a better life.”

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