Fabian Hagmann New head of E-mobility at Vattenfall

New head of E-mobility at Vattenfall

Fabian Hagmann has been appointed new Vice President for Vattenfall’s international e-mobility unit. Vattenfall is a leading operator of charge points for electric vehicles in the Netherlands, Sweden, Germany and Norway. He will start the new position January 1, 2023.

Vattenfall’s goal is to enable a fossil free living within one generation. Electrification of the transport sector is an important part in the transition.

Fabian Hagmann, new head of E-mobility at Vattenfall:
“It is amazing to see how rapidly the market for electrical cars has grown. Vattenfall InCharge was launched 2016 and the network has today almost 38 000 connected charging points. I am looking forward to joining our very passionate e-mobility team that is working hard on enabling a fossil-free driving”.

Together with partners, Vattenfall is building one of the largest charging networks in Northern Europe, Vattenfall InCharge. The company also offers access to more than 100 000 charging points through roaming agreements.

Fabian Hagmann joined Vattenfall in 2010 and has worked in various managerial positions in Vattenfall, currently as Managing Director of Sales Germany.

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