New blockchain Project to allow customers to select their preferred Renewable Energy Source

The combined announcement by the two companies showed they would offer at least a million of the residence of France a chance to customize a mix of their energy with blockchain technology certifies its sources securely.  

The partnership will connect EkWakteur network with more than 220,00 meters of electricity across the French nation residents to the new blockchain-enabled device from power ledger.  EkWakteur is a retailer in green energy with an aggregator who is the leading supplier of wind turbines generated renewable electricity, hydraulic plans, and the photovoltaic panels. Also, it provides energy from bio-methane, and it is the first firm in France to produce 100% renewable gas.

Through the use of Ledger’s blockchain tool, each household will have the ability to select the preferred type of energy mix and track in 30 minutes. The selection will depend on the vision platform, which certifies the source and the origin of the selected supply. the above is according to the James green which is the Power ledger’s chair of the Executive 

In the expansion of customers’ preference, both companies underscored, including the flexibility they do to meet the goals on the Paris Climate Accord. The accord has the aim of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 40 percent by the year 2030. Dr. Green added that each of the households should have the capability to switch use green energy by the set period.  

The technology used will be able to go live by the end of the year among the ekWakteur network Dr. Green added. He claimed that the countrywide roll-out represents the first world trading in energy by issuing clients extensive control and safety. The above is the largest company project for the company up to the moment.

Ireland researchers at the beginning of the year from the economic and social institute had a proposal for blockchain to enhance the infrastructure that will develop the management of renewable energy. The tools proposed for selling of generated renewable energy and the tokenized relationship between the providers of the energy and the consumers. 

An enabled platform for blockchain trading of renewable energy platforms and related platforms is ready through development by Power ledger that supports trading of energy, financing of the renewable assets, and highly efficient carbon and credit markets for renewable energy.  

The launch of the company’s first trial was last year September. The trial was peer-to-peer technology of energy trading in remote areas of Australia. It had a design that helped both the commercial and the agricultural firms to increase the efficiency of the power grid and decrease related costs.