The source of energy on nature’s notion: Sorting out the handicaps of renewable energy

Renewable energy (RE) alongside other clean power know-how are rich sources of energy,  making it to the majority and capturing the interests of climate change risk-averse scheme developers, corporate stakeholders, and advocates. It also draws the attention of wake customers who posses deep convictions to look not only for the health of the environment but also for the future generation welfare.

Generally, for those in the business and particularly in the energy sector, it has resulted in a pressuring shift away from fossil power into renewable energy technology.

In the Philippines case, contradictory paradigms are infuriating intensified debates on whether the country that is repeatedly slumping into the energy supply emergencies might get out from that mystery and would link the low carbon venture pathway of the world.

For the energy source believed to be frequently depending on the whim of nature, instead of human energy demand as required, since no one could precisely predict when the sun would shine and when the wind would blow. Then the perfect-fit innovations and solutions could be arranged out without the typical anguish that they would be retailing at a higher overhead.

Climate change reverse call to action

Federico R. Lopez, who is the chairperson of energy syndicate First Gen Corporation and also the First Philippine Holdings Corporation of the Lopez group, has been moving great guns to be the business conscience. He is also the influencer of the motive in the puzzling journey of lowering power sector emissions of carbon.

In his duty to co-corporate and monetary institutions and banks for vital action, Lopez tinted this digenesis.  Most of the permafrost locations such as the Antarctic believed to have melted by inches per year are currently subjected to ‘abrupt thaws’ as fast as ten feet in days. He stressed that the fact that they are an archipelagic and coastal dwelling country, the melting Antarctic should fret them even more.

The Lopez syndicate group normally inclined on clean technology, specifically its energy venture besides usage. It has almost become a home of reference, specifically at the peril of natural calamities such as geothermal power plants. The plants located in Leyte had been accurately at the ‘storm eye’ when Yolanda, which is a death-dealing super typhoon, angrily walloped the nation back in November 2013.