New Venture in Renewables Holds Promise

Australia is changing the renewable energy sector. While the rest of the world relies on solar and wind generation of power, Australia recently turned to water and gravity as the primary source of renewable energy. The country is turning to hydro-electric sources of energy as a significant contributor to the country’s energy and needs. 

The country has not had much power generation from wind and solar power. However, it hopes to turn to hydro-electric energy sources to cater for energy deficiencies. The move looks to complement energy supply in the country in order to facilitate the step towards a fully renewable dependent energy sector. 

Australia, in times past, has relied on water to help quench raging forest fires. However, it seems that water will turn to become the countries go to emergency energy generator. There are plans to utilize previous hydro-engineering knowledge in water manipulation to generate hydro-electric energy. 

This method allows the state to store excess energy supplied by hydro-electric sources as well as wind turbines and solar power. In past times the requirement of storing electricity was a significant problem due to low storage capacities. 

The idea is to use water and pump it uphill during the low demand season. The system will allow the water to flow downhill in periods of high demand, generating electricity from artificial gravity. The system will also enable the country to make a profit from the downhill flow. 

The setup uses an array of water tanks that are connected by a pipe in between. The water comes from one reserve to another, continuously generating flow between the two. The movement of water from one tank to another allows for a generator’s placement along the path. 

The technology is a novelty in the history of pumping use with its launch set in the 1960s. The idea of using stored reserved to boost performance in nuclear reactors has been in use by the US, Japan, and Europe. This system offers better control in the form of a “renewable” source of electricity available in short notice yet open for mass implementation.

Conclusively, the gravity application venture proves a newly introduced prospect in the renewables sector of the economy. While there are new ventures that aim to improve the renewable energy sector, the regenerative gravity technique is a refreshing use of previous hydro-electric technology in electricity generation. The future of renewable energy generation remains promising with such emerging prospects. 

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