Alma Media Sells Its Stake in Rantapallo to TukTuk Media, Focusing on Digital Services

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Finnish media company Alma Media has sold its stake of 79% in travel portal Rantapallo to TukTuk Media Oy, a digital services company that already owned a minority stake in the company. The terms of the transaction have not been disclosed.

Rantapallo, founded in 2007, specializes in low-cost last-minute departures and travel content. Despite its niche focus, the company reported revenues of MEUR 0.5 in 2022, showcasing its strength in its target audience.

With this transaction, Alma Media aims to further focus on its digital services in the housing and automotive sectors, comparison services, and media. The sale is not expected to have a significant impact on Alma Media’s financial results.

Developing Rantapallo

TukTuk Media’s CEO, Jani Uljas, expressed excitement about the acquisition, stating that the company can now develop Rantapallo entirely from its own starting points. As a digital services company, TukTuk Media has experience in developing online services and is expected to bring its expertise to Rantapallo.

This acquisition is expected to make Rantapallo even stronger in the travel portal market. With TukTuk Media taking full control, the company can implement its plans for growth and expansion.

Alma Media’s Strategic Focus

Kari Kivelä, SVP of Alma Consumer, stated that the sale is in line with Alma Consumer’s strategy of focusing on digital services in specific sectors. The company aims to strengthen its position in these areas and provide the best possible services to its customers.

As a media company, Alma Media has been expanding its digital services, recognizing the shift towards online content consumption. With the sale of its stake in Rantapallo, the company is further solidifying its position in the digital media landscape.


The sale of Alma Media’s stake in Rantapallo marks a new chapter for the travel portal company. With TukTuk Media taking the reins, Rantapallo is expected to grow even stronger and expand its reach in the market. For Alma Media, the sale is in line with its strategic focus on digital services, providing a clear direction for the company’s future.

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